Our Team

Jayhawk Staff
Program Director

– Jay Schulz
Organizes and manages all aspects of our Special Olympics team.

Sports Coordinators

Athletics – Michael Becker

Aquatics – Allyson Leland & Bob Leland

Basketball – Abby Baden 

Bocce Ball – Jay Schulz

Bowling – Lindsay Becker

Cheerleading – Brianna Kitchings

Softball – Andy Baden

Powerlifting – Gary Tanner 

Soccer – Tyler O’Neal

Tennis – Michael Becker

Volleyball – Paula Warren

Winter Games – Gary Tanner

Flag Football – Mark McMillin

Golf – Gary Tanner

Helping athletes improve in there chosen sports. We are blessed to have an abundant number of coaches with the Jayhawks, but we are always looking for more qualified people to help with coaching our athletes.

Finance Director

– Glenda McCleary
This position manages all finances for the team.

Volunteer Director

– Jay Schulz
Recruits and manages the volunteers involved with the team.

Fundraising Director

– Connie Warkins
This position is responsible for raising the necessary funds for the team.

Family Outreach Director

– Janice Baker
This position organizes family involvement and athlete recruitment for the team.

Lodging & Transportation Director

– Laura VanAlstine
Responsible for setting up and overseeing all transportation and lodging needs.

Public Relations Director

– Elaine Seeman
This position handles all public relations and media for the team.

Equipment Director

– Abby Baden
Coordination of all issues in regards to team uniforms and equipment.

Media Director

– Kalene Sanders
Manages the Douglas County Jayhawks’ website.

Medical Director

– April Patton
This position ensures that all athletes have up to date medicals on file with Headquarters and also that the head coach has a copy of each medical at all times.

Facilities Director

– Michael Becker
Responsible for securing all facilities needed to fulfill the team activities.

Young Athletes Program Coordinator

– Tyler & Katie Naylor
Young Athletes is a sport and play program for children with and without intellectual disabilities (ID), ages 2 to 7 years old

Unified Sports LHS Coordinator

– Susan Micka
Unified Sports gives students with and without intellectual disabilities opportunities to participate in sports activities alongside one another. to fulfill the team activities.



Other Dedicated Certified Coaches:

Jessica McMillin, Matt Cohen, Kypton O’Neal, Madison Huscher, Andy Baden, Pam & Michele Weigland, Ryan Eoannou, Kylee Kopatich, Cody Brice, Ellie Redmond, Martha Banning, Judy & Chris King, Josh Harsin, and Ellen Kyriakos.



Special Olympics Kansas